Some Of Our Recent Projects

Here are a few of our recent projects.

Wastewater Projects


– Westbeach Resort Wastewater Treatment Facility

MAP Engineering provided design services for an collection and treatment of this luxury resort located on Orcas Island, WA.

– Green Acres Wastewater Treatment and Drainfield Recovery

MAP Engineering provided design services for an on-site wastewater treatment system and developed solutions for the repair of an existing failing drainfield without the need for additional drainfield installation.  Additionally, MAP Engineering handled all construction contract and management.

– Winston-Green Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

MAP Engineering provided design services for an on-site sodium Hypochlorite system to replace a chlorine gas disinfection system.  Additionally, MAP Engineering designed new sludge beds for the facility.

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Water Projects


– Roberts Creek Water District – Treatment Facility

MAP Engineering, Inc. provided Construction Management for the upgrade of Roberts Creek Water District’s Water Treatment Plant to 4 million gallons per day with membrane treatment and UV disinfection to meet new EPA requirements. This included design, oversight and inspection of the installation of a new plant building, filtration membrane units, UV units, underground water/sewer/storm, erosion control BMPs, grading and asphalt, retaining walls, sidewalks, etc.

– Roberts Creek Water District – Winery to Ingram Waterline

MAP Engineering provided design and construction services for the installation of approximately 4800 LF of 12” Ductile Iron pipe.  The pipeline parallels Hwy 42/99 in Green and required crossing several jurisdictions (Douglas County and ODOT).  Additionally, the project involved boring under I-5 and crossing a box culvert (shown at left).

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Street Improvement Projects

– Kline Street Road Improvements

MAP Engineering provided both design and construction services for this project.  The project included improving approximately 900 lineal feet of Kline Street / Moorea Drive.

Storm Sewer Projects

– Kline St. Storm Improvement

MAP Engineering provided both design and construction services for this project.  The project included 1455 lineal feet of 36-inch storm drain along Kline Street north of Garden Valley Blvd.  The project also included a drainage study of the upper end on Kline Street.

Traffic Signal Improvement Projects

– Traffic Signal Improvement Projects

MAP Engineering provided construction and design services to alter the Roseburg Valley Mall intersection.  The intersection was amended from a 3-way traffic signal to a 4-way traffic signal.

RV Park Projects


– Thousand Trails Bend RV Resort

MAP Engineering is in the process of designing the collection and treatment of this luxury RV resort located on Central Oregon.

– Tri City RV Park

The Tri City RV Park is located just south of Myrtle Creek, Oregon on Highway 99.  The RV Park has 69 full service hook-ups and was completed in early 2007.

Project Management


MAP Engineering, Inc. with Marquess and Assoc.  as subcontractor provided Umpqua Valley Christian with engineering assistance to build a new gym. This project was both a design-build and a design-to-cost project. MAP strove to lessen costs wherever feasible throughout the project. One example of such a cost saving measure was by eliminating the need for a fire pump by separating the fire system. The City system had adequate flow and pressure to feed the sprinkler system but not enough flow or storage for the fire hydrants. We constructed an onsite storage tank to hold the required amount of fire flow and build a separate system to feed the fire hydrants. This saved UVC the upfront cost of a fire pump and controls and the long term maintenance for the system as well.; –

– Glendale High School

Our firm assisted the Glendale School District with their renovation and improvement project. The entire high school burned down in 1975 and was rebuilt the next year. After almost 30 years of use the school was in serious need of exterior repairs. Likewise, the interior had very worn flooring. The School District tried several times to pass a bond issue. When they were finally successful they wanted to be sure that the money was put to good use and stretched as far as possible. Our firm was hired to provide design and project management services. The finished project won a national award for innovation, thanks in great part to the contractor, but also due to our approach to cost saving measures.

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