Wastewater Engineering Projects

Map provides an array of engineering services for all wastewater collection, treatment, dispersal, and reuse applications.

Thousand Trails RV Resort Wastewater Collection & Treatment


MAP Engineering is in the process of designing the collection and treatment of this luxury RV resort located on Central Oregon.

Thousand Trails operates year round with seasonal peaks during warmer months. Currently the facility can accommodate over 300 recreational vehicles, families wishing to stay in vacation rentals, or campers planning to stay in tents. This recreational resort is popular during all seasons with skiing, fishing, and other outdoor activities a short drive from the front door.

The majority of wastewater systems at Thousand Trails was installed in the 70’s and has seen few improvements since. Due to local water pollution the treatment system will be designed to meet a 10 mg/L TN limit. Collection will is being designed as an Effluent Sewer and treatment will include secondary and tertiary treatment to meet required limits.

The system is being designed to incorporate future growth plans without requiring major upgrades or infrastructure.

Westbeach Resort Wastewater Treatment Facility


MAP Engineering provided design services for an collection and treatment of this luxury resort located on Orcas Island, WA.

Green Acres Wastewater Treatment and Drainfield Recovery


MAP Engineering provided design services for an on-site wastewater treatment system and developed solutions for the repair of an existing failing drainfield without the need for additional drainfield installation.  Additionally, MAP Engineering handled all construction contract and managemnt.

Winston-Green Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility


MAP Engineering provided design services for an on-site sodium hypochlorite system to replace a chlorine gas disinfection system.  Additionally, MAP Engineering designed new sludgebeds for the facility.

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